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    • SurveyMonkey study finds social media apps ruled mobile in first half of 2016

       A new study from SurveyMonkey Intelligence revealed the 30 most-downloaded and most-used apps in the American iOS and Android app stores so far this year. Social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram ruled over mobile games in the first six months of 2016. Because Pokémon Go was released in the U.S. on July 6, that wildly popular new title didn’t even show in the… Read Mor […]

    • What’s this whole email thing about, anyway?

       What do you know about the Clinton email scandal? If you’re anything like me, not much — yet! Let’s take a stroll into our political Swamp of Sadness where both parties are currently mired. One candidate became stuck there while trying to beat the dead horse of the Crooked Hillary meme and the other candidate is sinking simply because government email is just so damn… Read Mor […]

    • White Noise 7 is out, and wants to be like Instagram for restful sounds

       When software developer Todd Moore wrote up the code for his now-famous White Noise app in 2008, it was a side project to him and one of the first mobile apps go live on the Apple app store. The app quickly climbed to the No. 1 spot in the Health and Fitness category, and has remained a top pick for years. At this point, Moore said, the White Noise app sees between half-a-million and a… Read Mor […]